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JULY 2016

New techniques available for the treatment and repair of severe corneal ulcers

We are delighted to be able to offer two new corneal surgery techniques - Omnigen biomatrix grafts for the repair of severe corneal ulcers and collagen crosslinking (CXL) to strengthen the cornea.  These techniques are used very successfully in human ophthalmology and we are now one of only a handful of veterinary practices with the expertise to be able to use them for our four-legged patients.  We have several patients undergoing successful treatment already and will be publishing some case studies soon.


JULY 2016

Register your interest for our next Veterinary CPD Meeting: An Update on Managing Glaucoma

This will be an evening meeting held at the Spitfire St Lawrence Cricket Ground, Old Dover Road, Canterbury CT1 3NZ.  To register your interest, please email reception@elhamvalley.com and we will send you details when they are available.



RSA Group Pet Insurance - Client Information

If your pet is insured with Argos, Homebase, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, More Than or Tesco Pet Insurance, there may be some changes to your policy that you need to know about.

Their underwriters, RSA Group, have launched a "Preferred Referral Network" for pets insured with them.

Despite Rebecca holding the highest veterinary ophthalmology qualification possible; as a small, independent specialist practice we are not part of this.  The nearest "Preferred" practices are the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals at the Royal Veterinary College (Hertfordshire), and the Queen's Veterinary School Hospital at Cambridge University - both of which are over two hours away.

RSA have given clients insured with these insurance companies two choices.  Either:

    1. Go to one of the "Preferred" referral practices on the list, or

    2. Have to pay an additional £200 excess on any insurance claim.

The only exception is for emergency cases (this includes sight-threatening as well as life-threatening) - in emergency clients are required to contact their insurance company for approval and they may waive the additional excess.

We're currently talking to RSA to try and find out more, especially to clarify:

   (a) What happens for existing patients already under treatment here;

   (b) What happens if the nearest "Preferred" referral practice is full or not taking any new referrals; and

   (c) What happens if an emergency is out-of-hours and the insurance company cannot be contacted for their approval prior to referral.

We would strongly recommend that any clients insured with the above companies talk to their insurer to see if the changes affect their policies.  We will inform our clients as soon as we have any more information.

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