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Caring for your Blind Cat

Caring for your Blind Dog

Cataract Surgery - What to Expect

Printable eye medication dosing chart

Useful products

www.ocuglo.com - Ocu-GLO is a nutritional supplement which can be helpful in cases of retinal disease.

www.optivizor.co.uk - Manufacturers of face and eye protection for dogs and cats following eye surgery, can be used instead of a buster collar/"cone".

External links

www.blinddog.com - an American site for owners of blind and visually-impaired dogs.  Good for ideas for toys and games to play with your dog, emphasising sounds and smells.

www.blinddogrescue.com - American again, with a section of tips on caring for a blind dog and lots of owners' stories. 

www.blinddogsupport.com - Set up by an owner to provide information about caring for blind dogs, now has a busy discussion forum and extensive resources.

These links are provided as a general guide only - we are not responsible for the content of external websites.

Why come to us?

If your regular vet has diagnosed or suspects an eye condition in your pet, they may recommend referral.  We are the only dedicated veterinary ophthalmology practice in the south east, accepting referrals for all types of eye and eyelid disease, injury or abnormality.  Focussing purely on ophthalmology means that we can provide an extremely high level of medicine and surgery, with a small dedicated team providing the very best standards of care for your pet.  We are available 24 hours a day for emergencies.

What to expect on your first visit

The first time you come to us will usually be an hour-long appointment.  The vet will talk to you about your pet's history and current eye problem, examine the eyes in detail using sophisticated equipment, and perform a variety of tests including measuring eye pressure, tear production, and others.  It may be necessary to dilate your pet's pupils, in which case drops will be applied and the examination will restart after around 20 minutes.

What to expect if your pet has surgery

We will usually ask you to bring your pet in at 9am if they are being admitted for surgery.  Download our pre-operative instructions here.

Follow-up appointments

Re-examinations are usually 30 minutes long.  We keep in very close contact with your primary vet throughout treatment and can arrange for some follow-up appointments to be done locally if appropriate.

Payments and pet insurance

Payment must be made at the time of consultation, or when your pet goes home if they are admitted to the clinic. 

We routinely deal with pet insurance companies - bring a claim form with you and we will ensure it is submitted promptly to reclaim the cost for you.  If major surgery is planned, we can sometimes arrange for payment to be made directly to us for a modest administration fee. 

We accept all major credit cards including American Express. 

Download our Standard Terms of Business here.

Our information sheets and owner's guides are in pdf format - you can download the reader here:

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